SUP's Action Committees 

SUP has created 13 action committees, taking into account the focus areas of entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine. The key functions of the committees are the identification of systemic problems that restrain business development and the development of concrete proposals and initiatives to implement legislative changes related to industry and business. Committees are chaired by members of the SUP Board of Directors and SUP members. Every new member of SUP has the opportunity to join any committee and initiate formation of a new one

Special-purpose SUP committee

Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship
  • Co-Chairman: Andriy Yerashov
  • Co-Chairman: Tetyana Palamarchuk
  • Secretary: Lesia Panasyuk
Health Care Committee
  • Chairman: Yevhen Ignatov , Chief of the Pharmplaneta Legal Service
  • Secretary: Lesia Panasyuk
Agrobusiness Committee
  • Chairman: Oleg Shevtsov , Managing Advisor of Alexandrov & Partners Law Firm
  • Secretary: Lesia Panasyuk
IT Committee
  • Chairman: Volodymyr Tsoi , MTI Founder and co-owner
  • Secretary: Yulia Nykanurova
Business Protection Committee
  • Chairman: Kateryna Gupalo , partner at Arzinger
  • Deputy Chairman: Anastasia Gurska , partner at Law firm Klochkov & Partners
Retail Committee
  • Chairman: Serhii Badritdinov , CEO INTERTOP
  • Secretary: Natalia Kazakova
Committee for Development of the Furniture Production
  • Co-chairman: Serhii Verminskyi , co-owner of Snite
  • Co-chairman: Maksym Rohozhyn , co-owner of AGT Plus LLC
  • Secretary: Lesia Panasyuk
E-Commerce Committee
  • Chairman: Iryna Kholod , Marketing director "Nova Poshta"
  • Secretary: Maya Kichuk
Regional Operations Committee
  • Chairman: Natalia Eremeeva , Stekloplast owner
  • Secretary: Natalia Kravchenko
Committee for Transportation and Logistics
  • Chairman: Andrii Ivasiv , co-owner of Delivery Group
  • Secretary: Olga Kozhukhina
Committee for Issues of Construction and Real-Estate
  • Co-chairman: Arthur Mkhitaryan , founder of the Taryan Group development company
  • Co-chairman: Mykola Tolmachov , TMM's founder and general director
  • Secretary: Nina Mishchenko
Committee for Non-Bank Financial Sector Development
  • Co-chairman: Dmytro Kravchenko , Chairman of the Supervisory Board of FC "Zhytlo-Capital"
  • Co-chairman: Vitaliy Kovalenko , Chairman of the Board of SK "KD Life"
  • Secretary: Maria Grabovska