SUP became a European Enterprise Alliance (EEA) Member!
SUP became a European Enterprise Alliance (EEA) Member!
21 September 2022

The EEA brings together business organizations and enterprises that work jointly to promote European economic development and prosperity. The Alliance is focused on protecting the interests of entrepreneurs in the following areas:
- the European single market;
- freedom of services;
- fair competition;
- the best business conditions.

The purpose of the EEA is to support the creation of ideal regulatory and market conditions for employers, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. The Alliance is engaged in forming public positions on important economic and social issues, developing recommendations for European institutions regarding individual initiatives and implementations, participating in working groups, monitoring the main issues of the European market, etc.

Marcin Nowacki, President of the European Enterprise Alliance: "We are honoured that another Ukrainian organisation has trusted us and joined our alliance. We are proud to be representing Ukrainian small and medium size organisations and entrepreneurs during these challenging and dangerous times. Together we will work towards a better business environment so they can prosper in the future."

Kateryna Glazkova, CEO of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, said, "We are glad to join the EEA and expand our network to advance the creation of advanced and comfortable business climate and promote and support the export of Ukrainian goods and services. By uniting independent Ukrainian entrepreneurs, regardless of their activities' scale, industry and geography, with their European counterparts, we want to promote innovation and open new markets for Ukrainian companies."

The Union hopes for fruitful cooperation with the EEA and the opportunity to implement even more initiatives that are useful for the Ukrainian business!

Press release on SUP joining the Alliance:


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