SUP members made a company visit to Spetztekhosnastka
SUP members made a company visit to Spetztekhosnastka
11 February 2021

“Business is ideas and people”, believes Volodymyr Lempert, Founder and CEO of Spetztekhosnastka.

We have actually had a first-hand chance to see this – our SUP team and several members visited the company in Kamianske, Dnipropetrovsk Region.
Spetztekhosnastka, the company that can boast a 30-year history and a high specialization in manufacturing press moulds for plastic products (as the core business), now produces a wide range of rigid plastic packaging for the food and paint industries, as well as plastic components for the production of European cars.

The company’s output is used in the products of such manufacturers and brands as SodaStream, Raval, Volkswagen, Ford, Skoda, Bosch, Jaguar, Kostal, Citroen, Peugeot, Dufa.

Some of the company’s highlights:
- 50% of revenues are generated by export.
- Over 2020, the company paid UAH 86 million in taxes.
- The company focuses and builds its growth on repeat sales.

“We can’t work with several dozens of companies – instead, we choose to build long-lasting partnerships with a few”, says Volodymyr Lempert.

- The company’s staff totals 600 employees. This year, they plan to increase this figure at least by another 100.
- What helps the company reduce the risks? They have a diversified production instead of focusing on a single product line or partner.
- In one of the manufacturing workshops, we met a lot of female workers – nearly 90% of the local process operators are women.
- The company builds up its pool of expertise by developing own staff and, of course, offers competitive salaries and wages comparable to European manufacturers.

We’d like to thank Volodymyr Lempert and the company’s entire team for the warm welcome and hospitality! We wish you every success and lots of new interesting projects!

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